09 April 2013

Contemporary art

Drawings under the Spotlight


Thanks to the International Drawings Art fair, held every year in Paris since 1991, and the many auctions exclusively dedicated to paper works, drawing has become a real reference for art lovers over the past few years.

This booming sector with it’s still affordable prices, offers many opportunities to acquire unique pieces and start a new collection.


MICA Auction House takes part in this dynamic by offering a modern and contemporary drawings auction, thus expanding the possibilities offered by the acquisition of a paper work.

Thomas Muller, Auctioneer at MICA Auction House, tells us a little more about this new field of opportunities:


Can you tell us a little more about your ‘Modern & Contemporary Drawings’ auction?

Our auction presents 280 lots, among which 221 drawings that range from 100 to 15 000 euros.

As for modern artists, we are proud to start our auction with a nice abstract drawing from Survage dating from 1912 (4 000 / 6000 €) and ending it with graffiti artists and other major contemporary figures such as Jean Peyrissac, Joseph Csaky, Bernar Venet, Saura or Mayaux.

Many drawings are presented with very low estimates such as those of Arroyo, Darboven or Page,  that offer many great opportunities to our bidders.

We are also displaying a beautiful set of drawings from the famous composer Paul Arma’s collection of which includes great names such as Domela, Esteve, Messagier or Penalba.


If the drawings market is now well established for the Old Masters period, that of contemporary designs has only just emerged, how do you explain this discrepancy? How do you envision its evolution? How often do you expect to hold auctions on this subject?

We hope to have this auction every year, during the Parisian International Drawings showcase.

The Old Masters Drawings market is very sharp and well established due to the extreme rarity of the great masters non-paper works. It has therefore been a good alternative for classical work amateurs.

The contemporary drawing market is very much rising to, with many increasing contemporary drawing collections and leading contemporary art fairs such as Drawing Now.


What advice would you give to aspiring contemporary drawings collectors?

Contemporary drawings are very interesting for any aspiring collectors since their prices are still affordable. It is thus possible to purchase a major signature drawing for a couple of hundred Euros only.

If I had an advice, it would be to never hesitate to choose a finished work rather than a preparatory drawing. The drawing is a technique of its own, that some artists even prefer over a paint job.



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Antonio SAURA

Imaginary Portrait II, 1991,

Acrylic and pencil on paper.

8 000 / 12 000 €

crédit photo: @ Luc Paris