Group Introductions
to the Art Market

We offer both scheduled and bespoke guided packages for groups of two to four persons to experience first-hand the workings of the Fine Art & Antiques Market in Paris.

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& Personal Consulting

Do you want to discover how the French auction system works? Do you want to discover the delights of major French Art Galleries, including how they acquire exhibits? Do you want to discover the secrets of purchasing works of art during art fairs and cultural events? Auction Attraction is here to help you make those purchases…wisely!

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Have you ever missed an opportunity to acquire an item at auction that you really wanted to buy? Would you like to find your dream item but lack the time or knowledge to research the market for it? Are you looking for a specific item for a project i.e. an interior design brief or for an exhibition, but don’t know how to find it?

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In addition to advising our clients on the acquisition and disposal of individual items and collections, Auction Attraction is also competent to advise clients on the wider aspects of Art Collection Management, including but not limited to, the display, storage, transportation, insurance, and preservation of the items and collections.

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