Research Mandate

Have you ever missed an opportunity to acquire an item at auction that you really wanted to buy?

Would you like to find your dream item but lack the time or knowledge to research the market for it?

Are you looking for a specific item for a project i.e. an interior design brief or for an exhibition, but don’t know how to find it?

We can help you with all these tasks and make your lighten your load.


For a defined period of time and to a strictly agreed mandate, we will research the art market on your behalf to identify the item you are looking for. When we find it, we will examine it and report back to you against the criteria set out in the mandate, and advise you if it is a good investment.

Once you have made your choice we ensure the successful completion of the transaction.

This work is done on an account basis only, the terms and conditions of which we will agree with you before we begin researching the market for you.


Our commitments

  • Measure service, exclusive and confidential.
  • Global management of your project: Research, Market surveillance, detailed proposal, monitoring and management of the acquisition till the delivery

Practical Provisions

By Appointment only.

Rates for this service is an agreed hourly rate times on agreed timescale.