Auction Attraction is a partner and expert for the French adaptation of the BBC flagship show “Antiques Roadshow”. Marie-Charlotte Denoël co-founder of Action Attraction and auctioneer, will be present throughout the programs, serving French from the 4 corners of the country to enable them to discover the secrets and the value of their objects. Telling them “small” and “big” story behind each object, good humor, surprises and emotions are on the menu.

Follow us on french tv ! On FRANCE 2 – EVERY SATURDAY – From Saturday, September 6 at 17:55.

New Paris-based auction house, FauveParis wants to make auctions accessible to an uninitiated audience.

For the founders, traditional sales seem to be organized in order to exclusively satisfy a clientele of professionals and discerning collectors. In order to “liberate auctions”, Fauve Paris will open an eponymous 550m2 space in the Upper Marais where pieces will be exhibited for sale and publish, for each sale, a heavily detailed magalogue.

Providing fun, availability and education, FauveParis offers a unique service on the Art market that combines professional expertise in a space all together dedicated to purchases, sales, dawdling & leasure (with a lounge wine bar named L’Abreuvoir).

38 rue Amelot & 49 rue Saint-Sabin 75011 Paris

The first Exhibition of Young Antiques (SJA) is a unique event held by the Young Antiques Association (AJA) from the 13th to the 15th of September 2014, in the Cardin Space in Paris. This event is exclusively dedicated to European early careed brokers : presenting over 30 exhibitors and a wide range of artistic specialties from Antiquity to Design, quality items with values ranging from € 500 to € 150 000, the exhibition will allow visitors, amateurs or uninitiated clientele to approach the art market regardless their portfolios.

13/15 september 2014.

Espace Pierre Cardin - 1, avenue Gabriel 75008 Paris

Silk Me Back was both an artistic and supportive project that aimed to provide support to the March 2011 tsunami victims, while promoting international emerging artists. After a year of a traveling exhibition, a collection of 27 kimonos created by contemporary artists and supported by the Rhône-Alpes textile network, was dispersed under the fire of auction in February 2013. All the auction’s profits were donated to the ‘Furasato Project’, an association that rebuilds destroyed houses after the tsunami.